DRYSTAR DT2B is AGFA healthcare’s second-generation direct digital greyscale medium. It offers high contrast, high density and higher throughput for DRYSTAR 55xx, 53xx and AXYS series imagers, producing premier quality hardcopies.

  • Second-generation, higher-throughput, dry processing greyscale medium.
  • Specially designed for DRYSTAR 5503, DRYSTAR 5500, DRYSTAR 5300, DRYSTAR 5302 and DRYSTAR AXYS imagers.
  • Heat sensitive, with ecological technology, no wet processing, no darkroom, no chemicals, easy to use.
  • Clear and sharp images and excellent image stability.
  • Secure archiving up to 20 years.

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Compatible AGFA Imagers for AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B

AGFA DRYSTAR 55xx, 53xx, and AXYS series imagers are AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B’s perfect match imagers, working in conjunction with this second-generation direct digital greyscale medium to produce images of high contrast and density.

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Datasheet of AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B

Item AGFA Dry Imaging Film
Model NumberDRYSTAR DT 2B
USAGEFor medical printing of greyscale images on 168μm PET
BaseBlue PET
Maximum optical density≥ 3.1
Loading wayDaylight loading (light-insensitive)
Avaliable sizes• DRYSTAR 5503/5500/AXYS:    • DRYSTAR 5302:                  • DRYSTAR 5300:
20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 inch)               20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 inch)      28 x 35 cm (11 x 14 inch)
25 x 30 cm (10 x 12 inch)             35 x 43 cm(14 x 17 inch)     35 x 43 cm(14 x 17 inch)
28 x 35 cm (11 x 14 inch)              
35 x 35 cm (14 x 14 inch)
35 x 43 cm(14 x 17 inch)
Packing 100 sheets per box, 5 boxes/ 500 sheets/ carton
Shelf life24 months after manufacturing date
Storage before use• Temperature between 4 to 25 °C
• The recommended humidity control for DRYSTAR films is between 30 and 60%
Storage after printing• Archiving facility complies with ANSI IT 9.11 and IT 9.19, extended term
• Storage minimum 20 years
• Recommendations & Carriage to avoid image loss or increased density or discoloration:
– avoid storage for a long period of time at > 35 °C
– avoid dry media on view boxes for a long period of time or
– avoid exposure to excessive high temperatures and intense light, store the images in the original packaging or other appropriate protective film envelopes at max. 25 °C

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about the AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B FRU-DT2B-C? You’re in the correct place!

Dive into our FAQ section, where we’ve compiled answers to the queries commonly posed by our customers. From detailed product specifications to quality assurance matters, our comprehensive responses are designed to provide you with the clear and essential information you seek.

1. How to load AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B into Imager layer?

There is a plastic bag in the paper box, take the films from the plastic bag, and put them into imager layers. Please notice that there is a notch on one edge of the film, it tells you the correct direction to put the film.

3. I purchased an AGFA DRYSTAR AXYS from my local AGFA distributor. Can I use your AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B films?

 To ensure compatibility with your AGFA DRYSTAR AXYS, please provide us with the REF number (e.g., ELK38) of your currently used AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B films. You can find this number on the red packaging and carton. With this information, we will be able to verify and supply the correct version of AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B films for your specific equipment.

5. What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for this model?

The MOQ for AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B is 10 packs (2 cartons) for each size. 

7. Can I request samples before placing a bulk order?

Yes, we can provide 1 pack or 1 carton samples for your test first to ensure the product meets your specific needs before committing to a larger purchase.

10. How long is the delivery time?

3 working days for samples and orders of less than 100 cartons.
5-10 working days for orders of less than 500 cartons.
10-20 working days for orders of 1000 cartons and more.

2. I bought AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B films from China, with Chinese words on the packing. Why can't they be printed by my AGFA DRYSTAR 5302 printers which I bought from my local AGFA agency?

The AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B films you bought are the China version, and their embedded chip doesn’t match the sensor in your AGFA DRYSTAR 5302 printers. This mismatch is causing the printing issue.

4. What certifications do this AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B have?

They come with CE certificate.

6. Can I get 1 pack of AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B for testing before ordering?

Usually, our MOQ is 10 packs (2 cartons) for each size of this model, but so far we have limited packs of AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B 20×25 (8x10in) for new valued customer testing, you can consult with our sales team.

8. What is the delivery time for AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B?

Delivery timelines vary based on our stock and your order quantity, typically ranging from 3 to 20 working days. 

9. How are these films packed?

The AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B alternative films are packaged with thick tin tissue paper, and kraft boxes & cartons with great care, adhering to industry standards, to ensure safe transportation and storage.

11. What's difference between AGFA DT 2B and AGFA DT 2C?

Both AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B and DT 2C are thermal films, both can be printed by AGFA DRYSTAR 5301/5302/5503/AXYS.  DT 2B is with blue base,  DT 2C is with clear base.

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Shipping photos of AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B medical dry imaging film

Please explore our comprehensive gallery of shipping photographs featuring AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B medical dry imaging films. These images provide an in-depth look at the secure packaging, palletization, and logistic measures we undertake to ensure that your order arrives in optimal condition.

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