AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B Alternative Medical Dry Imaging Film FRU-DT5B-C

FRU-DT5B-C is AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative medical dry imaging thermal film. It offers high contrast, high density and higher throughput for DRYSTAR 55xx, 53xx and AXYS series imagers, producing high-level quality hardcopies. can be processed under room light since the film is not sensitive to light.

  • Higher-throughput, dry processing greyscale medium.
  • Designed for DRYSTAR 5503, DRYSTAR 5500, DRYSTAR 5300, DRYSTAR 5301, DRYSTAR 5302 and DRYSTAR AXYS imagers.
  • Heat sensitive, with ecological technology, no wet processing, no darkroom, no chemicals, easy to use.
  • Clear and sharp images and excellent image stability.
  • Secure archiving up to 20 years.

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AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B Alternative
Before And After Printing

Interested in witnessing the transformation of AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B Alternative film before and after printing?

Swipe to unveil a quality so strikingly similar to the original that discerning it as an alternative becomes a challenge. Embark on this exploration and experience the exceptional resemblance in our outstanding medical film.

Before After

Compatible AGFA Imagers for AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B Alternative FRU-DT5B-C

The AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative FRU-DT5B-C is designed to work flawlessly with AGFA DRYSTAR 53xx, 55xx, and AXYS series imagers, providing top-notch image quality. Its perfect compatibility ensures unwavering performance, and its cost-effective nature makes it a valuable option. Explore this blend of quality and affordability that aligns seamlessly with the exacting demands of healthcare practitioners.

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Datasheet of AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B Alternative

Item AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B Dry Imaging Thermal Film Alternative
Model NumberFRU-DT5B-C
USAGEFor AGFA medical imagers 
BaseBlue PET
Loading wayDaylight loading (light-insensitive)
Avaliable sizes• DRYSTAR 5503/5500/5302/AXYS:                         • DRYSTAR 5300:
20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 inch)                                             28 x 35 cm (11 x 14 inch)
25 x 30 cm (10 x 12 inch)                                           35 x 43 cm(14 x 17 inch)
28 x 35 cm (11 x 14 inch)              
35 x 35 cm (14 x 14 inch)
35 x 43 cm(14 x 17 inch)
Packing 100 sheets per box, 5 boxes/ 500 sheets/ carton
Shelf life24 months after manufacturing date
Storage before use• Temperature between 4 to 25 °C
• The recommended humidity control for DRYSTAR films is between 30 and 60%
Storage after printing• Archiving facility complies with ANSI IT 9.11 and IT 9.19, extended term
• Storage minimum 20 years
• Recommendations & Carriage to avoid image loss or increased density or discoloration:
– avoid storage for a long period of time at > 35 °C
– avoid dry media on view boxes for a long period of time or
– avoid exposure to excessive high temperatures and intense light, store the images in the original packaging or other appropriate protective film envelopes at max. 25 °C


Intrigued by the AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative film FRU-DT5B-C? You’ve found the right spot!

Explore our FAQ section to discover answers to the most frequent questions from our clients. Whether you’re interested in understanding the finer details of product specifications or need assurance regarding quality, our well-structured answers are crafted to offer you the clarity and insight you require.

1. Is the AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative compatible with existing AGFA imagers?

Yes, the AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative film FRU-DT5B-C is designed to be fully compatible with all AGFA DRYSTAR 53xx, 55xx and AXYS series imagers, ensuring seamless integration and consistent results.

3. I purchased the China version of AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B, but it's not recognized by our AGFA printers. Why is this happening, and how can this issue be resolved?

The compatibility between AGFA films and imagers is determined by specific country codes and sensors. The chips/sensors/tags of China version AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B do not match the sensors in your AGFA imagers, leading to recognition failure. Our analysis indicates that there are two viable solutions to this challenge. You can either procure the local version of AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B that is compatible with your imagers or opt for our rigorously tested alternative films, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing AGFA imaging systems.

5. Are there any settings or adjustments needed when transitioning from the original to the alternative?

Transitioning to the AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative requires no additional settings or adjustments, making the switch a smooth and straightforward process.

7. Can I use the AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative with other brand imagers?

The AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative is exclusively designed for AGFA imagers, and it does not function with other brands. This ensures seamless integration and optimal performance with AGFA equipment.

9. Is AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative film available for sale in our country?

Indeed, our AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative films are actively distributed in various markets, including Western Africa, Middle Asia, and South East Asia. These regions have shown a demand for AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B films, and we are committed to catering to these requirements with our top-quality alternative products.

2. I have sold several units of AGFA DRYSTAR AXYS, obtained from my local AGFA agency, to our clients. Can I offer your AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative films to our customers as a compatible option?

Certainly! Our AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative films are compatible with AGFA DRYSTAR AXYS imagers. With a perfect match in chip/sensor/tag configuration and near-identical film structure, they can seamlessly replace the original. This allows for cost savings without compromising image quality or user experience.

4. I purchased several AGFA 5503 imagers from China and currently use the China version of AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B films. Can I switch to your AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative films?

Yes, our AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative films are an excellent choice for your AGFA 5302 imagers. They have been meticulously engineered with specific chips/sensors/tags to ensure complete compatibility with your equipment. Not only will this alternative provide you with imaging that closely mirrors the original in quality, but it will also present a more economical option that aligns with your budgetary considerations.

6. Is the AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative environmentally friendly?

The AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative FRU-DT5B-C is manufactured with a commitment to sustainability, adhering to environmental standards and regulations.

8. How does the image quality compare to the original AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B?

The AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternative offers superior image quality that is almost indistinguishable from the original, delivering clear and accurate medical images.

10. I got this error message on the screen of AGFA DRYSTAR 5503, "PRINTED ON THE BACK SIDE OF THE FILM, orientation in UPPER input tray", what shall I do?

It’s the backside film issue. Please keep the bottom white paper (with chips) the same, turn 180 degree for the film, let’s say the film is our hand back, we turn 180 degree to our palm of hand.

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

"Excellence in Imaging: AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B Alternative by Filmsareus"

How we produce medical films?

  1. Precision Manufacturing: Employing advanced technology, we craft medical imaging films with consistency and quality in line with global standards.
  2. Artful Cutting: Utilizing precision tools, we achieve exact dimensions required, ensuring seamless integration into medical devices.
  3. Tailored Chip/Sensor/Tag Creation: Through in-depth analysis and replication of the original chips/sensor/tag, we ensure perfect compatibility and functionality, enhancing the utility and performance of our alternative films.
  4. Rigorous Quality Inspection: Through meticulous quality checks, we guarantee that each film meets stringent standards for unparalleled reliability.
  5. Secure Packaging: Our custom packaging solutions safeguard the integrity of the films while reflecting the high standard of our brand.
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