Filmsareus Medical Blue Inkjet Film

Introduction of Filmsareus Medical Blue Inkjet Film

The FRU-I-B medical blue inkjet film, crafted from a PET film base, offers superior image clarity through its advanced, layered coating process. It’s distinctive blue, smooth, translucent material enhances image sharpness and detail, making it idea for professional printing needs. Suitable for Epson, Canon, HP and other piezoelectric and thermal foam inkjet printers.

  • Double-sided anti-static, ensures smoother image reproduction and prevents dust accumulation.
  • Eco-friendly, pollutant-free, waterproof and wear-resistant, supporting environmental sustainability.
  • Enhanced durability, resistant to exposure, ensuring long-lasting prints.
  • Universal compatibility, compatible with major inkjet printers including Epson, Canon and HP, suitable for both piezoelectric and thermal foam technologies.
  • Idea for professional seeking high-quality, durable and eco-conscious printing solutions.

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Datasheet of Filmsareus Medical Blue Inkjet Film

Item  Blue Inkjet Medical Dry Imaging Film
Model Number FRU-I-B
Usage For general radiography
Base Blue PET,  basic thickness 175um, total thickness 210um
Loading way Daylight
Avaliable sizes B5,                    8×10 inch,
A4,                   10×12 inch,
A3,                   11×14 inch,
                         13×17 inch,
                         14×17 inch
Packing  100 sheets per pack, 5 packs/ 500 sheets/ carton or 10 packs/ 1000 sheets/ carton
Shelf life 24 months after manufacturing date
Application X-ray, CT, CR, DR, MTR, PET-CT and other medical image output
Storage • Temperature between 10 to 20 °C
• The recommended humidity control for this film is between 30 and 60%
• It is recommended that this film be kept in a sealed  plastic bag.
• Keep it away from dampness, high temperature, any bad effective gases, x-ray, gamma ray or any other penetrating rays
• Store vertically to avoid any harmful effect caused by pressure


Seeking information on the Blue Inkjet Film FRU-I-B? Explore here!

Welcome to the dedicated FAQ space for the blue inkjet film FRU-I-B. Here, we aim to resolve your most frequent inquiries, providing detailed insights into the product’s features and quality standards. Our concise responses are designed to enrich your understanding and assure you in making the best product choice.

1. What is Blue Inkjet Medical Film?

It’s a specialized film used in medical imaging, compatible with inkjet printers for producing diagnostic images.

3. Is it compatible with all inkjet printers?

It’s designed for broad compatibility, but checking with specific printer models is recommended.

5. Is the medical blue inkjet film environmentally friendly?

We strive for eco-friendly production, but specific environmental details can be provided upon request.

7. How should the film be handled for best results?

Handle in a dust-free and dry environment and avoid direct contact with the printing surface.

9. Is there a difference in image quality between desktop and professional-grade printers?

Professional-grade printers may offer superior image resolution and contrast, but desktop printers still provide satisfactory results for many applications.

11. Can the film be used for veterinary medical purposes?

Yes, it is suitable for a wide range of medical imaging applications, including veterinary use.

13. Ink adhension issues, ink may not adhere properly to the film surface, leading to smudging, blurring, or uneven printing.

Ensure the inkjet films are specifically designed for your type of printer and ink. Some films have a special coating to improve ink adhesion.

15. Not all films are compatible with all printers, which can result in poor-quality prints or even damage to the printer. How to solve compatibility issues?

Ensure that the films are fully compatible with your printer model and ink type. Consult the printer’s and film manufacturer’s guidelines for compatibility.

2. What are the primary uses of medical blue inkjet film?

Primarily used in radiology, ultrasound, and MRI for high-resolution medical imaging.

4. How is it packaged for shipping?

Securely packaged with PVC plastic bag, tinfoil bag, paper box, and paper carton to protect against environmental factors during transit.

6. Can blue inkjet film be used for color printing?

It’s optimized for blue inkjet printing with grayscale images for medical use, and doesn’t support color printing.

8. Can the film be used for both clinical and educational purposes?

Yes, it’s suitable for a range of medical imaging applications in both settings.

10. Can the film be exposed to light immediately after printing?

Yes, once printed, the film is light-stable, but it’s advisable to avoid prolonged exposure to intense light to preserve image quality.

12. Films may jam inside the printer, causing delays and potentially damaging the printer. How to solve this problem?

Regular maintenance of the printer, using the correct film thickness, and ensuring that films are stored and handled correctly to prevent curling or bending.

14. Achieving accurate and consistent color reproduction can be challenging, impacting the diagnostic value of the prints. How to solve the color accuracy and consistency issue?

Regularly calibrate your printer and use high-quality inks and films designed for precise color reproduction.

16. Inkjet films can be sensitive to environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, affecting print quality and film handling. How to solve environmental sensitivity issue?

 Store and handle films in controlled environments as recommended by the manufacturer.

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Filmsareus: Blue Inkjet Films Production

  1. Precision Manufacturing: Employing advanced technology, we craft medical imaging films with consistency and quality in line with global standards.
  2. Artful Cutting: Utilizing precision tools, we achieve exact dimensions required, ensuring seamless integration into medical devices.
  3. Rigorous Inspection: Through meticulous quality checks, we guarantee that each film meets stringent standards for unparalleled reliability.
  4. Secure Packaging: Our customs packaging solutions safeguard the integrity of the films while reflecting the high standard of our brand.
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