AGFA DRYSTAR 5302 Imager

Introduction of AGFA DRYSTAR 5302 Imager

DRYSTAR 5302 is a dual media size, direct digital imager. Easy daylight loading, excellent reliability, minimum maintenance. Easy connectivity for optimal flexibility, and it’s a total, one-stop imaging solution.

  • Easy daylight loading, excellent reliability, minimum maintenance.

Direct Digital Imaging technology makes DRYSTAR 5302 reliable and durable by design. And the imager provides all the advantages of dry technology: no wet processing, easy daylight loading no darkroom, and no film processing chemicals.

  • Direct Digital Imaging technology and enhancing imaging quality

Direct Digital Imaging (DDI) technology has been enhanced to include A # Sharp technology. This technology intensifies imaging capability, enabling DDI to provide sharper image quality across all applications.

  • Convenient imaging with two media sizes on-line.

DRYSTAR 5302 features 2 media sizes on-line, with 5 media sizes available. Ultra-short access time for the first film and its throughput of 75 sheets per hour (14 x 17 inch).

  • Easy connectivity for optimal flexibility

DRYSTAR 5302 is a DICOM-native imager, which makes network connectivity easy. For point-to-point connection with non-DICOM modalities, DRYSTAR 5302 can be used with Agfa HealthCare’s LINX Paxport.

  • Next-to-application imaging

Small size, combined with its low investment and running costs, make it the perfect match for many modalities.

  • A total, one-stop imaging solution

Through its intelligent matching of Direct Digital Imaging technology, leading-edge DRYSTAR DT2 media and imager, DRYSTAR 5302 is one of the main Agfa HealthCare’s integrated solutions.

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Compatible AGFA and Alternative films for AGFA DRYSTAR 5302

AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B and AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2C films, along with our AGFA DT 2B and DT 5B alternative films, are perfect matches for the AGFA DRYSTAR 5302. Both the original AGFA films and our alternatives work seamlessly with this system, guaranteeing high-contrast and dense image production.

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Datasheet of AGFA DRYSTAR 5302

Item AGFA Medical Dry Thermal Imager
Model NumberDRYSTAR 5302
Recording methodThermal development system
Media loadingDaylight film loading
Media supply trays2 trays 
Capacity of supply tray100 sheets per supply tray
Media Types• DRYSTAR DT2 B/DT 5B: blue base
• DRYSTAR DT2 C: clear base
Media Sizes• 8 x 10 inch, 10 x 12 inch, 11 x 14 inch, 14 x 14 inch and 14 x 17 inch
• Two on-line sizes
Throughput• 8 x 10 inch: 130 sheets/hour (28 sec. per sheet)
• 11 x 14 inch: 86 sheets/hour (42 sec. per sheet)
• 14 x 17 inch: 75 sheets/hour (48 sec. per sheet)
• Access time first sheet:  77 sec. (14 x 17 inch – 12-bits)
Diagnostic area• 8 x 10 inch: 2376 x 3070 pixels
• 10 x 12 inch: 3070 x 3653 pixels
• 11 x 14 inch: 3348 x 4358 pixels
• 14 x 17 inch: 4358 x 5232 pixels
Printing resolution• Geometrical: 320 ppi
• Contrast: 14 bit printing
Power requirementsAuto ranging 100 – 240 V: 50/60 Hz
Power consumption• Printing: 250 Watt
• Peak: 530 Watt
• Standby: 70 Watt
Operating conditions• Temperature: 15 – 30 °C (59 – 86 °F)
• Humidity: 20 – 75% RH, non condensing
Storage/Shipping conditions• Temperature:
-25 to +55 ºC (-13 to 131 ºF)
-40 to +70 ºC for transport (-40 to 158 ºF)
• Humidity: 10 – 95% RH, non-condensing.
Heat dissipation• Standby power: 70 Watt
• Average printing power: 250 Watt
• Peak power: 530 Watt
Safety• IEC 60601-1
Dimensions (W x D x H)72,8 x 71,5 x 53,6 cm (H = 67,6 cm with output tray)
(28,7 x 28,1 x 21,1 inch (H = 26,6 inch with output tray))
Weight (without film)90 kg (198 lbs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Exploring the AGFA DRYSTAR 5302? Look no further!

Explore our FAQ section, where we’ve gathered responses to the most frequently asked questions. From in-depth product specs to quality assurance details, our concise answers aim to deliver the vital information you’re looking for.

1. Does the AGFA DRYSTAR 5302 include a sensor

Certainly, the AGFA DRYSTAR 5302 is equipped with a sensor. When the film’s chips/tags align with the imager’s sensor, it initiates the printing process. This feature is tailored to specific models and regional requirements, The matching process serves as the catalyst for printing, thereby ensuring optimal printing functionality and enhancing overall image quality.

3. I purchased AGFA DRYSTAR 5302 imagers from China, which have packaging with Chinese and English labeling. They print the AGFA films obtained from my local AGFA agency, but load the films twice, why?

The AGFA DRYSTAR 5302 imagers you acquired are specific to the Chinese market, with a country code “CN”,  and their integrated sensors are not compatible with the chips used in your locally sourced AGFA films. This disparity in sensor-chip compatibility is the root cause of the printing issue you are experiencing.

5. I ordered several pcs of AGFA DRYSTAR 5302 imagers with country code "CN" in the menu, can it be changed?

The country code shows the imager is designed for the specific country or market, can not be changed. 

7. What's the password for entering AGFA DRYSTAR 5302 as a specialist?

For DICOM only printers, please try:
User name: ds5302
Password: asgard

9. What is the delivery time for AGFA DRYSTAR 5302?

Delivery time is about 30–40 working days. 

2. Is the DRYSTAR 5302 compatible with PACS systems?

Yes, it is compatible with Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) for seamless integration into healthcare environments.

4. I've recently acquired an AGFA DRYSTAR 5302 from my local AGFA distributor. Is it possible to use your AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B films or alternative with this imager?

To ensure seamless compatibility with your AGFA DRYSTAR 5302, we kindly request that you provide us with the Reference (REF) number, such as ELK38, which can be located on the red packaging and carton of your current AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B films. Armed with this reference number, we will be able to verify and supply the precise version of AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B or alternative films that are tailored to your specific equipment requirements.

6. How many years of warranty do you offer for AGFA DRYSTAR 5302?

We offer 1-year warranty for AGFA DRYSTAR 5302. However, under proper operating conditions and without any issues, it typically exhibits reliable performance for an extended operational lifespan of approximately 6 to 8 years.

8. What's the password for entering AGFA DRYSTAR 5302 as a service?

For DICOM only printers, please try:
User name: mega
Password: adonis

10. How do you pack this imager?

It goes with AGFA standard carton packing, and we add a wood or plastic pallet for fixing and protection before shipping.

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