AGFA DRYSTAR 5503 Imager

Introduction of AGFA DRYSTAR 5503 Imager

DRYSTAR 5503 is a high-throughput, high-resolution, multiple media size direct digital imager that can be easily networked for optimal productivity.

  • Multi-modality, improved workflow across departments

Offering high throughput of up to 100 14 x 17” sheets/hour, unique multi-format architecture and sorting by modality function, DRYSTAR 5503 is a versatile partner capable of handling a diversity of printing tasks from different sources with speed and reliability.

  • Diagnostic quality greyscale hard copies of high quality, and excellent imaging quality across all applications

Direct Digital Imaging (DDI) technology has been enhanced to include A # Sharp technology.  It’s fast and clean, and also one of the best ways of translating the high-resolution capability of 508ppi at a spot size of 50μm to a final image. This technology intensifies imaging capability, enabling DDI to provide sharper image quality across all applications.

  • Multi-format with 3 media sizes on-line

DRYSTAR 5503 has 3 media trays for different on-line media sizes. It can deliver CT, MRI, DSA, digital R&F, CR and DR images at high speed onto different DRYSTAR DT2 media. Every input tray can use 5 different film formats, ranging from 8 x 10” to 14 x 17”. It brings users convenience and time saving.

  • Unique sorter function

DRYSTAR 5503’s unique sorter eliminates high-traffic bottlenecks, virtually eliminating log jams, it increases efficiency and user-friendliness.

  • Integrated print solution

Through its intelligent matching of Direct Digital Imaging technology, excellent DT2 media and sharp high resolution imaging, optimal user-friendliness –DRYSTAR 5503 is well equipped to serve the multiple demands of a busy department and is ideally suited to stand at the heart of an Agfa HealthCare integrated solution.

  • Mammography printing option

With its 508 dpi resolution and the A Sharp technology, and use dedicated DT2 Mammo film DRYSTAR 5503 can print sharp mammography images in accordance with mammography standards. It support 8 x 10”, 10 x 12” and 11x 14” film, fitting easily into an environment with several modalities, while supporting full performance for the mammography department.

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Compatible AGFA and Alternative films for AGFA DRYSTAR 5302

AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2B and AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2C films, AGFA DRYSTAR DT 2Mammo along with our AGFA DT 2B and DT 5B alternative films, are perfect matches for the AGFA DRYSTAR 5503. Both the original AGFA films and our alternatives work seamlessly with this system, guaranteeing high-contrast and dense image production.

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agfa drystar 5503 imager
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Datasheet of AGFA DRYSTAR 5503

Item AGFA Medical Dry Thermal Imager
Model NumberDRYSTAR 5503
Recording MethodThermal development system
Media LoadingDaylight film loading
Media Supply TraysAll 3 trays configurable for 8 x 10inch, 10 x 12inch, 11 x 14inch, 14 x 14inch and 14 x 17inch  film
Capacity of
Supply Tray
100 sheets per supply tray
Media Types• DRYSTAR DT2 B: blue base
• DRYSTAR DT2 C: clear base
Media Sizes• DRYSTAR DT2 B/C: 8 x 10inch, 10 x 12inch, 11 x 14inch, 14 x 14inch and 14 x 17inch
• DT2 Mammo: 8 x 10inch, 10 x 12inch, 11 x 14inch
• Three on-line sizes
Throughput• 8 x 10 inch: 160 sheets/hour (23 sec. per sheet)
• 14 x 17 inch: 100 sheets/hour (36 sec. per sheet)
• Access time first sheet: 57 sec. (8 x 10 inch), 76 sec. (14 x 17 inch)
Print Area
• 8 x 10 inch: 3892 x 4920 pixels
• 14 x 17 inch: 6962 x 8408 pixels
Printing Resolution• Geometrical: 508 ppi
• Spot size: 50 μm
• Contrast: 14 bit printing
Connectivity• Ethernet TCP/IP
• Protocol: DICOM 3.0
Power RequirementsAuto-ranging 100 – 240 V: 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption• Average: 450 Watt
• Peak: 700 Watt
• Standby: 200 Watt
Operating Conditions• Temperature: 15 – 30 °C (59 – 86 °F)
• Humidity: 20 – 75% RH, non-condensing 
Storage/Shipping Conditions• Temperature: -25 to +55 °C (-11 to 131 °F), -40 to +70 °C for transport (-40 to 158 °F)
• Humidity: 10 – 95% RH, non-condensing 
Heat Dissipation• Standby power: 200 Watt / 720 kJ/h
• Average printing power: 450 Watt / 1620 kJ/h
• Peak power: 700 Watt / 2520 kJ/h
Safety• IEC 60601-1 + A1 + A2
• EN 60601-1 + A1 + A2
• UL 60601-1
• CSA 22.2 no. 601.1-M90
• GB 4943-2001
(W x D x H)
72 x 71.5 x 141 cm  (28.3 x 28.1 x 55.5 inch)
(without film)
193 kg (425 lb)

Frequently Asked Questions

Delve into the World of AGFA DRYSTAR 5503: Your Comprehensive FAQ Resource!

Welcome to our FAQ section, meticulously curated to address your inquiries about the AGFA DRYSTAR 5503. Whether you seek detailed product specifications or insights into our quality assurance practices, our succinct responses are here to provide you with the essential information you need.”

1. What protocol does AGFA DRYSTAR 5503 compatible with?

The AGFA DRYSTAR 5503 is compatible with the DICOM 3.0 protocol.

3. Does the AGFA DRYSTAR 5503 include a sensor?

Certainly, the AGFA DRYSTAR 5503, similar to its counterparts such as the AGFA DRYSTAR 5302 and AGFA DRYSTAR AXYS, incorporates a sensor mechanism. When the film’s chips or tags align precisely with the imager’s sensor, it triggers the commencement of the printing procedure. This capability is meticulously tailored to meet the unique specifications of various models and regional preferences. This seamless matching process acts as the driving force behind impeccable printing functionality, ultimately elevating the quality of the produced medical images.

5. I purchased AGFA DRYSTAR 5503 imagers from China with Chinese and English labels on the packing. But they can't print the AGFA films that I got from our local AGFA distributors. Why?

The reason behind this issue lies in the fact that the AGFA DRYSTAR 5503 imagers you acquired are specifically configured for the Chinese market, indicated by the “CN” country code. Consequently, their integrated sensors are not aligned with the chips utilized in AGFA films sourced locally. This divergence in sensor-chip compatibility is the primary factor causing the printing challenge you are currently facing.

7. How many years of warranty do you offer for AGFA DRYSTAR 5503?

We provide a 1-year warranty for the AGFA DRYSTAR 5503. With proper care and no issues, it can reliably perform for 6 to 8 years.

2. Is the DRYSTAR 5503 compatible with PACS systems?

Yes, it is compatible with Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), making it an ideal choice for effortless integration into healthcare ecosystems.

4. I bought AGFA DRYSTAR 5503 from my local AGFA distributor. Is it possible to use your AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B films or alternative with this imager?

To guarantee a smooth integration of the AGFA DRYSTAR 5503 into your setup, we kindly ask you to furnish us with the Reference (REF) number found on the red packaging and carton of your existing AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B films. This vital reference number empowers us to confirm compatibility and provide you with the exact version of AGFA DRYSTAR DT 5B alternatives to match your specific equipment perfectly.

6. I purchased AGFA DRYSTAR 5503 imagers with country code "CN" in the menu, can this country code be changed?

The presence of the country code on the imager signifies its design and configuration for a particular country or market, and it is not modifiable.

8. What is the delivery time for AGFA DRYSTAR 5302?

Usually, delivery time for AGFA DRYSTAR 5503 imager is about 30–40 working days. 

9. How do you pack AGFA DRYSTAR 5503?

It goes with AGFA standard carton packing, and we add a wood or plastic pallet for fixing and protection before shipping.

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