FUJIFILM DI-HL Medical Dry Imaging laser Film

Introduction of FUJIFILM DI-HL Medical Dry Imaging laser Film

FUJIFILM medical dry imaging laser film DI-HL, printed by the DRYPIX Plus 4000/Smart 6000/ 7000/ PRIMA /EDGE. The film image is consistently clear, low-minimum-density, have a neutral color tone that produces images comparable to those made by wet processing.

FUJIFILM dry imaging films technology ” ECO-DRY ” is environmentally friendly. ECO-DRY advantages include FUJIFILM development of new liquid-coating technology, which minimizes the need for harmful organic solvents like methyl-ethyl-ketone and toluene in the thermal development of light-sensitive materials.

When printed on FUJIFILM DRYPIX laser imagers, DI-HL film allows for consistent cleaning of images with a low minimum density; the neutral color tone of these images is comparable to the results of traditional wet development.

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Compatible AGFA Imagers for FUJIFILM DI-HL medical dry films

The FUJIFILM DI-HL is perfectly compatible with the DRYPIX Plus 4000, Smart 6000, 7000, PRIMA, and EDGE series imagers, working together to produce images of remarkable contrast and density.

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Datasheet of FUJIFILM DI-HL

Item  FUJI Medical Dry Imaging Laser Film
Model Number DI-HL
Usage FUJI medical dry laser  imagers
Loading way Daylight loading 
Sizes • DRYPIX Edge (8000), DRYPIX 7000,  DRYPIX Smart (6000), DRYPIX Plus (4000): 
20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 inch)                     
25 x 30 cm (10 x 12 inch)                  
26 x 36 cm (10 x 14 inch)              
35 x 43 cm(14 x 17 inch)

• DRYPIX PRIMA (FM-DL100):       
20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 inch)                     
25 x 30 cm (10 x 12 inch)                  
26 x 36 cm (10 x 14 inch)   
35 x 35 cm (14 x 14 inch)          
35 x 43 cm(14 x 17 inch)
Packing  20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 inch): 150 sheets per box, 5 boxes/ 750 sheets/ carton                     
25 x 30 cm (10 x 12 inch): 150 sheets per box, 5 boxes/ 750 sheets/ carton                               
26 x 36 cm (10 x 14 inch): 150 sheets per box, 5 boxes/ 750 sheets/ carton      
35 x 35 cm (14 x 14 inch): 100 sheets per box, 5 boxes/ 750 sheets/ carton                             
35 x 43 cm(14 x 17 inch): 100 sheets per box, 5 boxes/ 500 sheets/ carton                 
Shelf life 24 months after manufacturing date
Storage conditions •  Store films under the following environmental conditions.
No dew condensation.
– Packed: under 25 °C
– Unpacked: under 10–25 °C and 30–60%RH
•  Store films in a place where they are not exposed to direct sunlight or excessive altroviolet rays or various radioactive rays.

FAQ and Answers

Interested in FUJIFILM DI-HL medical dry imaging laser films? You’ve come to the right destination!

Explore our FAQ segment, where we’ve gathered responses to the frequently asked questions from our clients. 

1. Does FUJIFILM DI-HL with a chips/sensor/tag?

Yes, the FUJIFILM DI-HL goes with a chip/sensor/tag. This inclusion ensures proper matching with the sensor of FUJIFILM laser imagers, specific to different models and regions. The matching process activates printing and guarantees proper printing functions, leading to enhanced image quality.

3. I purchased FUJI DRYPIX Smart imagers from my local AGFA distributor. Can I use your FUJI DI-HL films?

Yes, our FUJI DI-HL can match your FUJI laser imagers perfectly, including FUJI DRYPIX Plus 4000/ Smart 6000/ 7000/ EDGE /PRIMA.

5. How should I choose between FUJIFILM DI-HL and DI-ML medical dry laser imaging films?

The selection between FUJIFILM DI-HL and DI-ML hinges on your specific imaging requirements and budget constraints:

DI-HL is versatile and designed for a broad range of imaging needs, including mammography. It offers well-balanced image quality and is suitable for general medical applications.

DI-ML is a premium film specifically engineered for mammography. It features a higher D-max of 4.0, delivering superior sharpness and richer contrast in images. Consequently, it comes at a higher price point compared to DI-HL.

In summary, if your focus is primarily on mammography and you require the highest quality images, DI-ML would be the appropriate choice, albeit at a higher cost. On the other hand, if you are seeking a more budget-friendly option that provides adequate quality for both general imaging and mammography, DI-HL would be a suitable alternative.

2. What are FUJIFILM DI-HL medical dry imaging laser films used for?

These films are primarily utilized in medical imaging procedures, such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, providing clear and detailed images for accurate diagnosis.

4. What's the differences between FUJIFILM DI-HL, DI-HLc and DI-ML?

All of these 3 models are FUJIFILM medical dry laser imaging films, with PET base and applicable forDRYPIX4000, DRYPIX7000, DRYPIX EDGE and DRYPIX SMART. DI-HL is with blue base, DI-HLc is with clear base, both of these two models are for normal laser image, and also has adequate image quality for mammography. DI-ML is with blue blue too, and it’s crafted for mammogragphy, with higher D-max of 4.0, bluer film color, and better sharpness compared to DI-HL.

6. What's the shelf time for FUJI DI-HL?

It’s 2 years from the manufacturing date. 

7.What is the delivery time for FUJIFILM DI-HL?

Delivery schedules are contingent upon the volume of the order and can generally be expected to fall within a window of 3 to 20 business days.

8. Is FUJIFILM DI-HL compatible with all FUJIFILM laser imagers?

FUJI DI-HL films are designed to be compatible with specific FUJIFILM laser imagers, such as DRYPIX4000, DRYPIX7000, DRYPIX EDGE, and DRYPIX SMART.

10.What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for FUJI DI-HL?

The MOQ for FUJI DI-HL is 10 packs (2 cartons) per each size. 

Testimonials from Our Valued Clients

Shipping photos of FUJIFILM DI-HL medical dry laser film

Please explore our comprehensive gallery of shipping photographs featuring FUJI DI-HL medical dry imaging films. These images provide an in-depth look at the secure packaging, palletization, and logistic measures we undertake to ensure that your order arrives in optimal condition.

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