FUJIFILM DI-HT Alternative Medical Dry Imaging Film FRU-DIHT-C

Introduction of FUJIFILM DI-HT Alternative Medical Dry Imaging Thermal Film FRU-DIHT-C

FRU-DIHT-C is FUJIFILM DI-HT alternative medical dry imaging thermal film, has an image layer and protection layer on different sides of the blue PET base, no sensitive silver halide on both layers and reaches the goal of environment protection. It also applies FUJIFILM’s patented Micro isolation technology for long storage life and better transparency to attain enhanced image quality, Low fog, high resolution, high max density, and bright tone. It works with FUJIFILM thermal printer DRYPIX Lite (2000) / DRYPIX 3500, which can be processed under room light since the film is not sensitive to light.

filmsareus fru diht c fujifilm di ht alternative 25x30cm 10x12inch thermal film
copy fujifilm di ht 4 sizes filmsareus
filmsareus fru diht c fujifilm di ht alternative 28x35cm 11x14inch thermal film
filmsareus fru diht c fujifilm di ht alternative 28x35cm 11x14inch thermal film

FUJI DI-HT Alternative
Before And After Printing

What does the FUJI DI-HT Alternative film look like before and after printing? Move the slider to explore premium image quality so close to the original, you may scarcely tell it’s an alternative. Experience the distinction of this medical film.

Before After
fujifilm drypix 3500 filmsareus

Compatible Printers of FUJI DI-HT Alternative

The FUJI DI-HT Alternative films can be printed by FUJI DRYPIX Lite (2000) and FUJI DRYPIX 3500 and other brand medical thermal imagers.

Datasheet of FUJI DI-HT Alternative FRU-DIHT-C

Item  FUJIFILM Medical Dry Imaging Thermal Film Alternative
Model Number FRU-DIHT-C 
Compatible Printers FUJI and other brand medical dry thermal imagers 
Loading Way Daylight loading 
Sizes 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 inch)                     
25 x 30 cm (10 x 12 inch)                  
28 x 35 cm (11 x 14 inch)           
35 x 43 cm (14 x 17 inch)
Packing  100 sheets per box, 5 boxes/ 500 sheets/ carton                 
Shelf Life 24 months after manufacturing date
Storage Conditions •  Store films under the following environmental conditions.
No dew condensation.
– Packed: under 25 °C
– Unpacked: under 10–25 °C and 30–60%RH
•  Store films in a place where they are not exposed to direct sunlight or excessive altroviolet rays or various radioactive rays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our products or services? You’re not alone!

Explore our FAQ section to find answers to the same questions our other customers frequently ask. Whether it’s about product specifications, quality assurance, or anything else, we’ve got you covered with concise and informative responses.

1. What are the main differences between our FUJI DI-HT alternative FRU-DIHT-C and the original one?

The FUJI DI-HT medical film is made by FUJI Japan, with FUJI brand and top quality. While our FRU-DIHT-C is FUJI DI-HT alternative, with premium quality and competitive price, with Filmsareus brand, it can save your cost without sacrificing quality.

3. Why films stuck in imager sometimes? How to solve this problem?

If the film is thicker or thinner than the original, it will cause stuck. If it shows Error 208 on the screen of the menu, it means the film in the upper layer was stuck, just open the upper cover, wait till it shows 201, then cover the upper cover. The stuck film will move out and continue printing.

5. Why the color of the imager is uneven or with stripes?

The color of the coating is different, resulting in different imaging colors or images with stripes. For some imagers, adjusting by imager inside can reduce this issue. 

6. How does FUJI DI-HT-C compare to other brands in terms of quality and reliability?

FUJI DI-HT-C films excel in quality and reliability, surpassing industry standards. Their excellence is recognized industry-wide and has garnered widespread customer satisfaction. Repeat orders and enduring partnerships stand as compelling evidence of satisfaction and trust in our product.

8. Are there any environmental or sustainability attributes associated with these films?

FUJI DI-HT alternative FRU-DIHT-C films are manufactured following strict environmental guidelines, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

10. Is this FUJI DI-HT alternative available in our market ?

The FUJI DI-HT alternative FRU-DIHT-C films are readily available in our key markets, like South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

2. Does FRU-DIHT-C with sensor / chip / tag?

It can go with or without a sensor/chip/tag, depending on your needs. If work with Fujifilm thermal imagers, no need a sensor/chip/tag; if work with other brand thermal imagers, we can provide a sensor/chip/tag.

4. Why the image color seems fade? How to solve this issue?

Because the color is not adjusted, needs U-1 adjusting. 

If the film in the upper layer was printed and the color looks faded, follow these steps. Step 1. Press the menu, it shows “U-1”. Step 2. Enter, it shows “SL1” (it means the upper layer). Step 3. Enter, the “U-1” is shining, wait 1–3 minutes, and it will print color-adjusting film. 

If the film in the lower layer was printed and the color looks faded, follow these steps. Step 1. Press the menu, it shows “U-1”. Step 2. Enter, it shows “SL1” (it means the upper layer). Step 3. Press menu again, it shows “SL2” (it means the lower layer). Step 4. Enter, the “U-1” is shining, wait 1–3 minutes, and it will print color-adjusting film. 

7. What kind of warranties or after-sale support is provided with FUJI DI-HT alternative films?

Our commitment to customer satisfaction includes 2-year warranties and within 12 hours online after-sale support for the FUJI DI-HT alternative FRU-DIHT-C films.

9. Is there an option for customization, like specific cutting or packaging, to suit individual needs?

 We offer customized cutting and packaging options for FUJI DI-HT-C films to cater to specific client needs.

11. How long is the delivery time for this FUJI DI-HT alternative?

3 working days for samples and orders of less than 100 cartons.
5-10 working days for orders of less than 500 cartons.
10-20 working days for orders of 1000 cartons and more.

What Our Customers Say

How we produce medical films?

  1. Precision Manufacturing: Employing advanced technology, we craft medical imaging films with consistency and quality in line with global standards.
  2. Artful Cutting: Utilizing precision tools, we achieve exact dimensions required, ensuring seamless integration into medical devices.
  3. Rigorous Quality Inspection: Through meticulous quality checks, we guarantee that each film meets stringent standards for unparalleled reliability.
  4. Secure Packaging: Our custom packaging solutions safeguard the integrity of the films while reflecting the high standard of our brand.
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