Introduction of FUJIFILM Smart imager

FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart is a compact and highly efficient dry imager quickly offering excellent quality images for wider purposes.

  • High throughput

DRYPIX Smart boasts a world-class high throughput speed of 80 sheets per hour with 14″ × 17″ film. It greatly increase the efficiency of examination workflow.

  • Two trays to achieve more versatility

The DRYPIX Smart has two universal film trays which enable printing on two different film sizes at the same time.

  • Image processing engine which provides high-quality images

Advanced Variable Response (A-VR) Spline Interpolation FUJIFILM’s A-VR automatically detects and distinguishes between image data and alphanumeric characters, ensuring clear, sharp alphanumerics even when noisy images require smooth interpolation of image data. Benefits include easier, faster and more accurate diagnosis.

  • High resolution and high maximum density

Offering high resolution of 508 dpi and a maximum density of 4.0* (when the DI-ML film is used), the DRYPIX Smart is ideal for mammography which requires high definition images.

  • Fuji Medical Dry Imaging Film

The high quality DI-HL and DI-ML films contribute to producing clear and neutral color tone images on the DRYPIX Smart.   

  • ECO-DRY system

DRYPIX’s ECO-DRY system is environmentally friendly, films to processing. DRYPIX medical films employ unique aqueous solvents that are free from unpleasant odors and create neutral colored image so crisp, they’re indistinguishable from those printed on wet halide film.

  • Quality Control

DRYPIX Smart prints a 24-step grayscale pattern to film, and then measures its density. This feedback system allows precise and subtle image adjustments (FDC: Auto Film Density Correction) to be made. Several kinds of test pattern images for the QC of mammograms are incorporated into DRYPIX Smart.

  • SAR (Smooth Curve Arranging)

Smooth Curve Arranging (SAR) on DRYPIX not only offers the most suitable image tones for modalities such as CT and MRI, but also allows adjustment of the tones to best match the diagnostic needs of individual patients. What’s more, LUT also carries information on a wide range of modalities from different manufacturers to enable precise matching of image tone to specific modality.

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Compatible FUJIFILM films for FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart

FUJIFILM DI-HL and DI-ML are the perfect match for FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart.

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Datasheet of FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart

Item FUJIFILM Medical Dry Laser Imager
Model NumberDRYPIX Smart (DRYPIX 6000)
Recording WayLaser exposure thermal development system
Applicable FilmDI-HL (blue base):                                        DI-ML (blue base):
20 x 25cm (8 x 10 inch)                               20 x 25cm (8 x 10 inch)
25 x 30cm (10 x 12 inch)                             25 x 30cm (10 x 12 inch)
26 x 36cm (10 x 14 inch)                             26 x 36cm (10 x 14 inch)
35 x 35cm (14 x 14 inch)
35 x 43cm (14 x17 inch)
Film LoadingDaylight film loading
Film Tray2 trays (5 sizes of films are available by changing film trays)
Processing CapacityApprox. 80sheets/hour 35 x 43cm (14 x17 inch)
Pixel Size (Geometrica)50µm (508 dpi)/100µm (254 dpi)
Recording Gradation (contrast)14 bits
Image Memory1GB
Dansity Adjustment Automatic
Input ChannelsDICOM network input 1 x channel only
Power Supply Condition Input voltage AC100-240V/ Single phase
Frequency 50~60Hz
Environmental ConditionsOperating conditions
• Temperature: 15 – 30 °C (59 – 86 °F)
• Humidity: 40 – 70% RH (at 15 °C) to 15 – 70% RH (at 30°C), non dew condensation
Dimensions (W x D x H)61 x 63 x 89.3 cm (24 x 25 x 35 inch)
Weight (without film)104 kg (229.3 lbs)

FAQ & Answer

“Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section, meticulously crafted to address your inquiries about the FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart. Whether you’re seeking detailed product information or a deeper insight into our dedication to quality, you’ll find concise responses here to provide you with the essential knowledge you require.”

1. Does the FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart feature a sensor designed for various countries or regions?

Yes, the DRYPIX Smart is equipped with a sensor specifically tailored to accommodate the unique requirements of different countries and regions. This ensures seamless compatibility with FUJIFILM DI-HL and DI-ML medical dry laser films across various global healthcare settings.

3. Can I use the DRYPIX Smart for mammography imaging?

The DRYPIX Smart is versatile and suitable for various imaging applications, including medical imaging for general radiography and mammography.

5. Can FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart open the tinfoil packing automatically?

Yes, the FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart is engineered for automatic opening of the tinfoil packaging, simplifying operational procedures for your convenience.

7. I bought FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart imagers from China mainland. And they don't print FUJI DI-HL properly. Why?

The FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart imagers you purchased were specifically configured for the Chinese market. It’s essential to understand that the integrated sensors in these units may not be fully compatible with the chips used in locally sourced FUJI DI-HL films. This mismatch between sensor and chip compatibility is the root cause of the printing issues you’re currently experiencing.

9. What is the delivery time for FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart?

Typically, the delivery time for the FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart imager is 3 to 4 weeks.

11. How do you pack FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart for shipping?

It goes with FUJIFILM standard carton packing, and we add a wood or plastic pallet for fixing and protection before shipping.

2. I currently use the FUJIFILM DRYPIX 4000. Can I consider switching to the FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart as a suitable replacement?

While the FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart does feature 2 trays, it presents an array of enhanced features and capabilities, rendering it a compelling option for fulfilling your medical imaging requirements. We encourage you to delve deeper into its advantages to explore the potential benefits it can offer your medical facility.

4. How to reload FUJIFILM DI-HL into FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart?

Remove the paper box, and you’ll see the tinfoil paper, don’t open it because it’s light sensitive, it will expose once open it, just put the tinfoil packing into the imager layer.

6. Are alternative films compatible with the FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart, or do you recommend using only FUJI DI-HL films?

While we primarily recommend using FUJIFILM DI-HL and DI-ML films for optimal performance with the DRYPIX EDGE, some third-party films may be compatible. However, it’s essential to conduct a compatibility test to ensure the film chips align with the sensor of the FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart.

8. How do I troubleshoot common issues with the DRYPIX Smart?

To effectively resolve common issues, we recommend consulting the user manual for detailed troubleshooting instructions. Alternatively, you can reach out to our dedicated customer support team for prompt assistance and guidance.

10. How many years of warranty do you offer for FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart?

We provide a 1-year warranty for the FUJIFILM DRYPIX Smart, with proper care and no issues, it can reliably perform for 5 to 7 years.

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