FUJIFILM Super RX-N Alternative Blue-sensitive X-ray Film FRU-X-B

Introduction of FUJIFILM Super RX-N Alternative Blue-sensitive X-ray Film FRU-X-B

FRU-X-B is Fuji Super RX alternative, a wide latitude film with medium contrast for use with blue-emitting intensifying screens and a blue-sensitive universal film for general radiography. It with a wide tonal range which can be used for all types of diagnostic applications, and gives excellent reproduction of soft tissue and bone structure on the same image, especially the best for the chest.

It is high speed, low fog, and very high resolution radiographs. Processing is accomplished in 45s and longer cycle automatic processors, or manually. This is conventional screen-film should only be used in combination with x-ray screens, and the final image density of the processed film depends on the exposure and processing conditions.

Safelight. Use a safelight filter (dark red) in a suitable safelight lamp equipped with a 15-watt bulb. Keep the film at least 4 feet (1.2 meters) from the safelight, and the total lighting time is in 10 minutes.

Film processing. This film is designed for 90-seconds automated processing or manual processing. The former is recommended with any kinds of film processor, developing at 30-35 in 23s.

Usage of the Intensifying Screen. Can be matched with FUJI intensifying screen or the screen of the other same system which matches the blue sensitive x-ray.

       • Filmsareus X-ray film base material is a blue-tinted 175μm polyester with an emulsion layer thickness of about 5μm.
       • High-quality diagnostic radiographs. It requires very minimal exposure, produces radiographs whose extremely sharp, wide latitude adds to the ease and accuracy of diagnosis.
      • Blue-tinted image for extra clarity and easier diagnosis.
      Consistent image quality. Fully compatible with either automatic or manual processing, our films ensures consistent photographic quality with no roller marks, drying marks or other imperfections.
      • Easy film handing. It is highly resistant to pressure marks and scratches, and has outstanding anti-static properties, it is designed to be used easily with all types of film handling systems.

filmsareus fru x b fujifilm super rx blue sensitive x ray film alternative 30x40cm (copy)
filmsareus fru x b fujifilm super rx blue sensitive x ray film alternative 30x40cm
filmsareus fru x b fujifilm super rx blue sensitive x ray film alternative 35x35cm 14x14inch
filmsareus fru x b fujifilm super rx blue sensitive x ray film alternative 35x43cm 14x17inch

Datasheet of FUJI Super RX-N Alternative FRU-X-B

Item FUJI Super RX X-ray Film Alternative blue-sensitive X-ray film
Model NumberFRU-X-B
UsageFor general radiography
BaseBlue PET
Loading WayDarkroom (light-sensitive)
Available Sizes18×24 cm                                               8×10 inch     
18×43 cm                                               10×12 inch
24×30 cm                                               11×14 inch  
30×40 cm                                               12×15 inch
35×35 cm (14×14 inch)
35×43 cm (14×17 inch) 
Packing 100 sheets per box, 5 boxes/ 500 sheets/ carton
Shelf Life24 months after manufacturing date
Storage• Temperature between 10 to 20 °C
• The recommended humidity control for this film is between 30 and 60%
• It is recommended that this film be kept in a sealed  plastic bag.
• Keep it away from dampness, high temperature, any bad effective gases, x-ray, gamma ray or any other penetrating rays.
• Store vertically to avoid any harmful effect caused by pressure.
Usage Environment• Temperature between 10 to 20 °C
• The recommended humidity control for this film is between 30 and 60%


Seeking details on FUJI Super RX-N alternative blue-sensitive X-ray film, FRU-X-B?

Explore our FAQ section for all the answers. From specifications to quality assurances, find the information you need here.

1. What distinguishes FRU-X-B as a FUJI Super RX-N alternative?

 The material master roll of FUJI Super RX-N alternative FRU-X-B is imported from FUJI Japan, we cut and pack them in China, so it has completely the same quality as the FUJI Super RX-N, offering blue sensitivity, exceptional resolution, and compatibility with standard processing.

3. What distinguishes FUJI Super HR-U alternative from other green-sensitive X-ray films?

The FRU-X-G green-sensitive X-ray film is created using master roll material imported from FUJI Japan. We meticulously cut and pack this film in China, ensuring that its quality aligns perfectly with the FUJI Super HR-U. This process enables FRU-X-G to offer the same high resolution and compatibility with various screens, all while maintaining competitive pricing. The result is a product that stands out for its versatile and valuable characteristics in the market.

5. Is FUJI Super HR-U alternative available in different sizes?

Yes, FUJI Super HR-U alternative is available in various standard sizes to fit different types of radiographic equipment and specific clinical needs. These are sizes: 18×24 cm, 8×10 inch, 18×43 cm,  24×30 cm, 10×12 inch,  11×14 inch, 30×40 cm,  12×15 inch, 35×35 cm (14×14 inch),
35×43 cm (14×17 inch).

7. Is FUJI Super HR-U alternative compatible with rapid processing techniques?

Yes, FRU-X-G is compatible with rapid processing techniques. Its versatile formulation allows for quality imaging even under expedited development conditions.

2. What are the primary applications of FUJI Super HR-U alternative?

FUJI Super HR-U alternative is suitable for general radiography, including chest, spine, and extremity examinations, offering excellent image quality and contrast.

4. How does the price of FRU-X-G compare to the original FUJI Super HR-U?

 FRU-X-G provides a high-quality alternative at a competitive price point, offering an affordable solution without compromising on performance.

6. What types of developers and fixers can be used with FUJI Super HR-U alternative?

FUJI Super HR-U alternative can be used with common developers and fixers employed in radiography. Its formulation is designed to work effectively with various fixing solutions, providing flexibility in the processing workflow.

7. Is there a specific developer or fixer recommended for use with FRU-X-G?

FRU-X-G is compatible with standard developers and fixers. Filmsareus’ specially formulated developer and fixer solutions are highly recommended to work with FRU-X-G, assuring optimal quality and performance in imaging

8. What is the delivery time for FUJI Super HR-U alternative?

Delivery times for FRU-X-G may vary based on location and quantity. Usually 5–20 working days depending on material availability and order quantity.

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Filmsareus: The Journey from Production to Packaging of Premium Medical X-ray Films

  1. Precision Manufacturing: Employing advanced technology, we craft medical imaging films with consistency and quality in line with global standards.
  2. Artful Cutting: Utilizing precision tools, we achieve exact dimensions required, ensuring seamless integration into medical devices.
  3. Tailored Chip/Sensor/Tag Creation: Through in-depth analysis and replication of the original chips/sensor/tag, we ensure perfect compatibility and functionality, enhancing the utility and performance of our alternative films.
  4. Rigorous Quality Inspection: Through meticulous quality checks, we guarantee that each film meets stringent standards for unparalleled reliability.
  5. Secure Packaging: Our custom packaging solutions safeguard the integrity of the films while reflecting the high standard of our brand.
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